Gnopernicus and Slackware 9.1.

Sergei Fleytin fleytin at
Tue Jun 22 00:52:39 EDT 2004

Hello, all!

I just installed Slackware 9.1 distribution because i would like to
try gnopernicus. I install Festival but i don't know what further
steps i should undertake to make Gnopernicus talk. After starting
Gnome, pressing Alt+F2 and typing "gnopernicus" nothing happens.

So i have a couple of questions.

1. Has anybody tried Gnopernicus under Slackware 9.1?
2. Where Gnopernicus stores all its error messages so that i could
examine them and see what is wrong?
3. What extra configuration steps i need to make it work with

Thanks in advance.


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