Archos And Rock Box

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Did you download the English.voice file, and put it into the \.rockbox\lang
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> Hello,
> This is unashamedly off topic, but I am desperate! There has been some
> discussion here of Archos MP3 Players and Rock Box that makes them talk. I
> just purchased an Archos Gemini 120 MP3 player/recorder. Does anyone on
> this
> list know if Rock Box will work on this equipment? If so, would you be
> willing to write me off list and help me get this working? I would be glad
> to call you on the phone for guidance here. So far, I have downloaded the
> Rock Box 2.2 software, unzipped it on the Archos Gemini 120
> player/recorder
> and restarted the machine with no speech being heard. Do I need to return
> this equipment? Did I download the incorrect software? Any and all help is
> much appreciated.
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