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Is amixer the newest version of rexima?
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> Hi
> Are all the volumes unmuted? FC2 uses ALSA, and ALSA defaults to
> having everything muted. Try to unmute them, like this:
> amixer set Master 50% on
> amixer set PCM 50% on
> On Sat, 19 Jun 2004, Juan Hernandez wrote:
> JH> Hello Everyone,
> JH> I am having some trouble with my sound card.  I installed fedora core
1 about 8 months
> JH> ago, and it worked great.  It detected my sound card with sndconf, and
I was able
> JH> to cget it working with mpg321, and even I got gnopernicus working
with festival
> JH> and it worked pretty well.  I now got the speakup enabled fc2, and it
works great
> JH> for the most part, but I can't get my sound card working.  I have an
onboard intel
> JH> 82801DB-ich4 in my machine.  and alsamixer detects it.  so I guess it
is enabled.  Any ideas?  thanks in advanced.
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