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I have a 1.5 MBPS connection, and that's about what I get. That's about 
right for the speed you specified 1536 KBPS. You see the speeds of internet 
connections are measured in kilobits, and the speeds reported by wget and 
the like are in kilobytes. If you divide 1536 by 8, you get 192 which is 
pretty close to 170 as far as transfer speeds are concerned. The other 20 or 
so probably accounts for protocol packets and stuff which is not counted in 
the measurement. That, and you will only get the maximum speed when 
conditions are optimal.
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> Hi all.
> I've been wondering about this for a while now, and thought I'd get
> some input on it.
> I'm on a ADSL connection, and my downstream speed is supposed to be
> 1536 KbpS, and my upstream is supposed to be 128 KbpS. My network
> setup is
> as follows. The ADSL modem is connected to my server which is a pIII
> 600 MHz, with 384 Mb of ram. Other machines on my LAN have access to
> the internet via iptables on the server. My second ethernet interface
> on the server is connected to a 100 MbpS switch, which all the other
> boxes are connected to. All the network cards in all my boxes are 100
> MbpS.
> I've noticed that when downloading things with lynx the cat on my
> server, the highest download speed I ever got was 170 Kbps, the lowest
> was about 20 KbpS, but on average, download speeds are about 150
> KbPs. Thinking that the speed should be higher, I ran a speed test at
> dslspeedtest.com using my windblows box (the test didn't work with
> lynx/links), with the windblows box connection going through the
> switch, which is connected to the server machine. The test told me
> that my speed is about 700 KbpS. I then plugged the ADSL modem
> directly into the windblows box, made sure my ie cache was cleaned
> out, and tried the test again. This time around, I was told my speed
> was 1 MbpS.
> My question is, with the downstream speed I mentioned earlier, should
> I be able to get downloads on the machine connected to the ADSL modem
> at 170 KbpS max, or should they be higher then that? Thanks.
> Greg
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