Msgs being delayed possibly?

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I use exim and found set up instructions for exim 3 as part of its
documentation.  The best part of spam assassin is real the fact that it uses
razor if you have it installed.  We also feed it 6000 spam messages that we
have been saving for a while so we trained it.  Those messages are available
as part of an article on our weblog at
Just do a find on spam on the page and you'll find the article and file if
you want it.  I think you should read to make sure it is spam.  I had no
idea such crap existed until I read a bunch of it.  After about 100 you'll
be convinced we haven't made any mistakes.

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Hi their.  How do you configure Spam assisin to wrok w/sendmail?  While
I'm at it, any ideas for configuring it to work with the clamav package?
I'm using Fedora Core 2 here if it should make a difference.  Thanks for
any ideas.
Much appreciated.

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