traversing module trees

Jacob Schmude jschmude at
Thu Jun 17 19:57:25 EDT 2004

	modprobe -r didn't work. It simply said the module was in use. 
What I want is a way to figure out what modules are using that, unload 
them, then unload the module I specified. If I had to compare it to 
anything, it would be an apt-get remove operation. You do apt-get remove 
xlibs and all the packages that depend on xlibs, and all packages that may 
have depended on those, are removed as well. This is what I want for 
modules, and looking through lsmod output manually won't work, since I 
need to do this in a script which will eventually be used for ACPI's 
suspend feature. I've looked on google but haven't found anything. Any 
ideas? I don't want module dependencies ignored, I want them followed.

On Thu, 17 Jun 2004, David Csercsics wrote:

DC> >Hi all
DC> > 	Is ther a way of removing one module and having the kernel remove 
DC> >all the modules associated with it? An example, if I do:
DC> >rmmod usbcore
DC> Try modprobe -r usbcore. That will do what you want and if you have
DC> forced module unloading in your kernel it will even ignore module
DC> dependencies.

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