ACPI help

Jacob Schmude jschmude at
Thu Jun 17 17:20:51 EDT 2004

Hi all
 	Well, I got linux on my new laptop and got all the hardware 
working. I wound up putting slackware on and not Fedora, since the 
performance of Fedora on the laptop was extremely slow and I couldn't 
figure out why. Yes, I checked the CPU frequency scaling governors and 
they were set to performance, but it still ran slow. Anyway, I got slack 
on and it's running fine, except for ACPI. I can't get the regexp for some 
of my events correct. What I want to do is for it to start laptop mode 
when the AC adapter is unplugged, and to stop laptop mode when the AC is 
plugged in. I've gotten it partially working--it will stop laptop mode 
when the AC is plugged in. However, I can't seem to get it to start laptop 
mode when the AC is unplugged. The relevant lines from my 
/etc/acpi/events/events.conf are:
 	Startlt and stoplt are custom scripts I've written to turn on 
laptop mode and set the correct HD parameters for standby and such, and to 
adjust the powersave governors correctly. It's the first event that 
doesn't work, and I'm stuck as to why. I've tried everything I could think 
of, including putting the entire text of the relevant events in--but if I 
do that then none of them work. events.conf is a file I created to 
override slackware's default script, which doesn't work 
properly on my machine. Can anyone help here? The complete text for both 
events is:
ac_adapter AC 00000080 00000000
ac_adapter AC 00000080 00000001
 	The first event is what is generated when the AC is unplugged, the 
second is what is generated when it's plugged in. The only thing different 
about them is the final digit, which is what I'm trying to work with. Can 
anyone help with this? If worse comes to worse, I'll use APM, but I'm not 
sure how good this laptop's APM support is as it was primarily designed 
for ACPI.

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