Debee Norling NorlingDeborah at
Thu Jun 17 13:29:44 EDT 2004

>I have speakup installed and working and I think my blind friend will be
>most pleased!

Congratulations.  Getting things to work can be like wandering thru a lot of
twisty little passages ..

But remember not do do everything for your friend. Now that he has a talking
system he can read docs and compile his own kernel, grab more packages from
Debian mirrors, even learn to program.

I noticed when I tell sighted friends that I'm playing with Linux and that
I'm new they offer to do all sorts of things for me. What I want from my
sighted friends is the same thing I want from my blind friends, a sense of
community, a willingness to answer questions, and of course I want them to
come back to me when they need help. But none of us want our sighted friends
to take over and do it for us!!


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