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Every user in Linux has a crontab file where he or she can schedule events 
to run when ever he or she chooses. The times are configurable. See the 
crontab man page for more information. Most likely, what you are seeing is 
the nightly events configured to run as root.
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> Hi,
> I have recently installed Gentoo, and before that I was using Debian.  I
> don't know which Cron daemon comes standard with Debian but in Gentoo I
> chose VixiCron.  Aparently, Debian's Cron daemon fired off at about 6:25
> A.M. local time for daily events.  Aparently, Gentoo's fires at about 3:00
> A.M. local time.  My question is this.  What determines at what time of 
> day
> Cron will fire?
> Jayson.
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