Is pine often chatty or...

Paul Migliorelli (+1 7 2 0 7 3 2 2 3 1 1) paulmigs at
Mon Jun 14 19:28:47 EDT 2004

Am I ctazee??  Hi all.  I think I've noticed it with random versions of 
pine, though I may be wrong.  For instance now, with version 4 60, it 
seems as though ***every keypress always comes back with "pine 4 point 6 0 
message index". then you press d for delete and it says again"pine 4 point 
6 0 message index", where you then hit the current line on the numpad to 
hear the message info.  I think I remember some early versions doing that 
often, and then some wouldn't.  Something to do with repainting the 
screen?  I looked in setup but haven't found anything to try.  Oh well...

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