Trouble upgrading my Gentoo system!

Jayson Smith ratguy at
Wed Jun 9 23:31:01 EDT 2004

Yeah I know this should probably be on a Gentoo list, but I suspect this
isn't really a Gentoo problem.  I did an 'emerge world' today and while
updating a package an error occurred which I don't know how to fix.  Glib is
the package that is problematic.  I have included the error messages below,
so hopefully someone can tell me what to do, how to proceed.  If you can not
help with, or are not interested in, this problem, please ignore everything
starting with the error messages, for the rest of the message.  I won't say
anything below that.  Once again, I hope someone can help!

Errors follow
Calculating world dependencies    ...done!
>>> emerge (1 of 3) sys-libs/glibc- to /
>>> md5 src_uri ;-) glibc-2.3.2.tar.bz2
>>> md5 src_uri ;-) glibc-linuxthreads-2.3.2.tar.bz2
>>> md5 src_uri ;-) glibc-2.3.3-branch-update-20040420.patch.bz2

Checking kernel headers for broken sysctl.h ... yes

Your version of:


is broken (from a user space perspective).  Please apply
the following patch:

--- linux.orig/include/linux/sysctl.h.orig 2003-05-18 22:12:39.000000000
+++ linux.fixed/include/linux/sysctl.h 2003-05-18 22:13:58.000000000 +0200
@@ -35,6 +35,10 @@
        the largest acceptable value for the nlen
        member of a struct __sysctl_args to have? */

+#ifndef __user
+#define __user
 struct __sysctl_args {
  int __user *name;
  int nlen;

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