Speakup Soft Speech--What's the status?

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at charter.net
Mon Jun 7 00:33:35 EDT 2004

As for the status of work on various software synths:
I had done some work 
with cepstral, basically modifying the 
dtk-generic.conf and changing its name to cpstrl.conf. I like using the 
voice with speakup, but I have not so far been able to get rate to work 
correctly. Also, speech abruptly gets lost and I haven't figured out why, 
though really haven't had more time to work on it lately. I am pretty sure 
I did post what I had done on the list; would like to get back to it 
eventually but anybody else who wants to work on it certainly is welcome.
In my own personal opinion (and these things always are a matter of 
opinion!) cepstral sounds the best with speakup of the softsynths, so I'm 
sorry about the sudden losses of speech.


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