Speakup documentation and speakup with Blinux

Tom Fowle fowle at ski.org
Sat Jun 5 12:17:30 EDT 2004

Greetings all;
Just getting started with Linux, should have done it years ago.

For now using Tom'sBoot from a floppy just to connect to the
in-house network, works fine!

But that dist doesn't come with any docs.

Until we get a full distribution up, where can  I find speakup
commands configs etc.

Looked all over the linux-speakup.org site, all I find is the

allso, any comments on using speakup with a doubletalk PC and
Blinux with an Alva abt280 together?

Thanks, and Hi to Debbee N. and Janana.

tom Fowle
Smith-Kettlewell Rehab Eng. Center.

Net-Tamer V 1.13 Beta - Registered

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