DecTalk synths

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That's an express. the original dectalk external wasn't manufactured
initialy for the blind community so it doesn't have any braille or anything
on it. on the front pannel of the unit is the on/off switch and on the back
are 2 db25 connecters, some leds, 2 1/8in audio jacks, a fuse, the power
connecter, volume knob, and 2 rj11 phone jacks.
When I power mine up, it's cooling fan spins up, it gives the touch-tone
beeps, and says "dectalk version 2.0 is running".

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> I was looking at the fedora installation page, and I was wondering about
> using the correct DecTalk synth option.
> I noticed that there are 2 types of external DecTalks, the DecTalk
> and the DecTalk external.
> How do I know which mine is?
> Mine only reads DecTalk in Braille on the outside.
> It is black, I think, and is about 3 inches by 6 or 7 inches by an inch or
> so thick.
> It has a volume button/on-off dial on the side.
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> Glenn
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