DecTalk synths

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Fri Jun 4 18:10:54 EDT 2004

Hi all.
Does anyone know of any linux software to take advantage of the old
dectalk's phone capabilities? so far the only os I've found dectalk
libraries for is vms (and that's the os the documentation refers to).  and
since my vms machine has no way to get files to it yet I'd like to use linux
with this box.

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> The Dectalk External is a rather old synthesizer.  It is a huge box with a
> rocker switch on the front.  When it is powered up, a fan comes on, then
> it makes touch-tone noises.  Finally, it says something like "Dectalk
> version 2.8 is running."  I don't remember the version number, but it's
> something like that.  I haven't ran across one of those in years.  The
> speech sounds somewhat different from modern Dectalk synthesizers.  It's
> also extremely sluggish, taking several seconds to respond to a flush
> command.  The bottom line is that very few people probably have that old
> beast and yours is likely a Dectalk Express.  There were a few other
> external Dectalk models, but I don't think they ever saw much circulation.
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