rita the reader 0.2

Sergei Fleytin fleytin at mail.ru
Thu Jun 3 11:21:36 EDT 2004

Hello, Chuck!

Thank you for this usefull piece of software. I tried it with Yasr and
it works pretty well. But i have a question. Do you plan to make Rita
8 bit clean so that non English users could read texts in their own



>>>>> "CH" == Chuck Hallenbeck <chuckh at sent.com> writes:

CH> Hi again, By popular demand: Rita the reader now reads
CH> continuously, fits any size screen, and lets you choose line
CH> overlaps.

CH> Advancing to the next screen by pressing 'c' invokes continuous
CH> reading. Any other keypress kills it.

CH> Rita counts the words on the screen and applies a selectable
CH> reading rate (words per minute) to each screen. Reading rate,
CH> screen size, and overlaps are set in a configuration file
CH> 'rita.cfg' in each user's '.rita' directory.

CH> Rita can be had at http://www.mhcable.com/~chuckh/rita-0.2.tar.gz

CH> Please let me know of problems you may encounter.

CH> Chuck

CH> -- The Moon is Full My home page is now at
CH> http://www.mhcable.com/~chuckh

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