DecTalk synths

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If, when you turn it on, it beeps, waits several seconds, then says "Dectalk
Express is running." or "Dectalk Express is running for American English."
followed by a power indication which is either "External Power On.",
"Battery OK." or "Battery is low." then you have a Dectalk Express.

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> I was looking at the fedora installation page, and I was wondering about
> using the correct DecTalk synth option.
> I noticed that there are 2 types of external DecTalks, the DecTalk
> and the DecTalk external.
> How do I know which mine is?
> Mine only reads DecTalk in Braille on the outside.
> It is black, I think, and is about 3 inches by 6 or 7 inches by an inch or
> so thick.
> It has a volume button/on-off dial on the side.
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> Glenn
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