playing sounds at startup

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You use something like yasr with flite. this isn't a good solution because
you won't see all the startup/shutdown messages you do with speakup.  The
only problem is installation. you will probably need another computer
running a telecom package like teraterm and a serial cable or a machine
running a telnet client for a redhat/fedora (?) telnet install.

Speakup does support software speech as of recently, but I cant comment on
it as I've never used it. Your best bet is still hardware speech if you can
get a synth.
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> How do you use linux with software speech? what distro?
> at 09:16 AM 6/2/2004, you wrote:
> >Hello folks,
> >   A while back, I recall someone mentioning a way to cause Linux to play
> > various sounds at different times such as at the login prompt and at
> > shutdown. Since I mostly use software speech to access Linux, I don't
> > have access until the login prompt, so it'd be nice to know when my
> > machine is displaying it. If someone could send me that information
> > I'd appreciate it.
> >Thanks,
> >Steve
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