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Alex Snow alex_snow at gmx.net
Tue Jun 1 21:23:38 EDT 2004

Ok I'll see if linux likes the disk. before the bios upgrade the machine
wouldn't see it at all when I selected ide hdd autodetection in the bios. I
even calculated the chs values for the disk and tried entering them manually
but the machine wouldn't like that either.
I think the problem may be that the updated bios I have is a hacked version
since J-bond never released a fix for the 32gb bug and they don't even seem
to be in business anymore.
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> I'd first try that jumper that resets the BIOS.  If that fails, don't
> worry about the BIOS not liking the hard drive.  I know from experience
> that Linux will happily ignore the BIOS if it gives bad information and
> continue on as if nothing were wrong.  I put a 40GB hard drive into a
> computer that wouldn't recognize it properly, and Linux came up just fine.
> It was only Windows that had problems.
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