linux and speakup installation

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Isn't that exagerating a bit? I mean when I observe the cpu usage on my 1.8
ghz running winXP Professional with JFW 5, it's almost minimal, or maybe
close to a third if I have 8 to 10 applications open and some of those
include mp3 player, messenger, and so forth. If I turn jaws off, I can see
that the cpu usage is almost the exact same. So I don't think software synth
really takes up that much power as people might think. Also, using a
doubleTalk: I've really come to hate the voice *grin*. Also, the response
time is about the  same, if not a bit slower, than software.

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So true, Alex. And, another thing, software synths realy take up a lot of
your computer's power. In other words, I'd rather have a 1 gigaherz CPU with
a hardware synth than a 2 gigaherz CPU with a software synth.

Alex Snow writes:
> I've also observed that hardware synths are faster and better quality
> then software synths.

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