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Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Sat Jan 31 22:07:15 EST 2004

Weather is just a script. I've attached it. No idea whether or not it
will just run in your environment, of course.

Cheryl Homiak writes:
> From: Cheryl Homiak <chomiak at charter.net>
> Hmm, no weather command on debian unstable.
> And don't try the weather package on debian; it's some kind of interactive
> story. However, try miscfiles package if you want three-letter airport
> codes and other interesting stuff.
> If anybody does find the equivalent in debian for weather, I'd be
> interested.
> apt-cache search brought up some candidates but they looked graphical.
> anyway, the wunderground site is nice.
> -- 
> Cheryl
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# \
exec expect -f "$0" ${1+"$@"}

# weather - Expect script to get the weather (courtesy University of Michigan)
# Don Libes
# Version 1.10

# local weather is retrieved if no argument
# argument is the National Weather Service designation for an area
# I.e., WBC = Washington DC (oh yeah, that's obvious)

# Notes from Larry Virden <lvirden at yahoo.com> about the new host,
# rainmaker.wunderground.com: "[the] new site requires the
# machine doing the request be located in reverse dns lookup
# or it refuses to provide data."  This appears to be a blind error
# condition on the part of rainmaker.

exp_version -exit 5.0

if {$argc>0} {set code $argv} else {set code "WBC"}

proc timedout {} {
	send_user "Weather server timed out.  Try again later when weather server is not so busy.\n"
	exit 1

set timeout 60

set env(TERM) vt100	;# actual value doesn't matter, just has to be set

spawn telnet rainmaker.wunderground.com 3000
while {1} {
	expect timeout {
		send_user "failed to contact weather server\n"
	} "Press Return to continue*" {
               # this prompt used sometimes, eg, upon opening connection
               send "\r"
	} "Press Return for menu*" {
               # this prompt used sometimes, eg, upon opening connection
               send "\r"
	} "M to display main menu*" {
		# sometimes ask this if there is a weather watch in effect
		send "M\r"
	} "Change scrolling to screen*Selection:" {
	} eof {
		send_user "failed to telnet to weather server\n"
send "C\r"
expect timeout timedout "Selection:"
send "4\r"
expect timeout timedout "Selection:"
send "1\r"
expect timeout timedout "Selection:"
send "1\r"
expect timeout timedout "city code:"
send "$code\r"
expect $code		;# discard this

while {1} {
	expect timeout {
	} "Press Return to continue*:*" {
		send "\r"
	} "Press Return to display statement, M for menu:*" {
		send "\r"
	} -re "(.*)CITY FORECAST MENU.*Selection:" {

send "X\r"

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