online banking with Bank of America: not quite accessible enough

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If anyone is in regular touch with these people, they need to know that they
need to work on their insulting statement.

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Here's what I just got when I tried to sign in to online banking. it's a
little puzzling because I am using ssl, and I though that met the
encryption requirements.
This was with lynx the cat. with links the chain it was even worse; I
never even
got to try to log in because where it said to sign in after I put in my id
and passcode, links the chain had no link (pun intended).
Am I missing something on the site or has anybody using online banking
been doing it with Windows? Ironically, the application process is
accessible. It really won't ruin banking for me at Bank of america, as I
can use the phone and I'm getting my braille statements etc., but it is

What I got at attempt to log in with lynx the cat:
   Bank of America Higher Standards Online Banking

   Unsupported Browser

   To provide maximum security and protection, Bank of America requires
   that you use a browser that supports 128-bit encryption.

   We have determined that you are using lynx Version 2.8.5dev.16.

   In order to use Online Banking, you will need to use or download
   another browser.

   You can download a new browser for free from either the Netscape or
   Microsoft. For your convenience click on the appropriate link below to
   download a web browser. Once you have installed the new browser you'll
   be ready to use Online Banking.

   Please note: Bank of America does not recommend the use of beta or
   test browsers with Online Banking.


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