Partial info showing from lynx?

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Wed Jan 28 19:51:54 EST 2004

Unless if this is a specific question about that browser. I think what you
might be refering to is simply the way some sites do articles or product
reviews. They onlyy put a few lines, oh let's say the first 200 characters
or so, and then they usually have a link before it or ahead of it that will
take you to a page with the whole article or product description. Imagine it
kind of like the search results in google.

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Hi all.  Hope I can explain this scenario.  Have you ever selected 
something in lynx.  Your choice comes up.  That is, you work your way page 
by page passing everything up top, til you start seeing your info appear.  
Say it's a catalog item description, or an article, or whatever.  Not sure 
what the pattern is, but there are occasions where I'll see the first few 
sentences of what I wanna read, and in the middle of the sentence, I'l see 
dot dot dot like ...

and then not the rest of the text, but more links for other itmes to 

Like in a catalog, it may say something like

"a great item to take along with you.  It works using..."
and then links after it.

Anyway to continue reading what you started out with??  Not sure how to 
explain it beyond that.  Oh well.

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