looking for applications: timer/stopwatch; alarm

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Yes applications like this would be good. have you thought of using
at to play a sound? this is a one time thing and you can specify the
time in a familiar format rather than having to edit crontab. The
drawback is that if the atd daemon crashes the alarm won't sound, but
I guess the same is true of any alarm clock program.
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Subject: looking for applications: timer/stopwatch; alarm

> 1. does anybody know of a console program that can serve as a
> stopwatch/timer?
> What I want to do is start the program when I begin a particular
> task and stop it when I'm finished or have to quit. I'd also then
> like it to have the option of being
> cumulative--i.e., if I stop what I'm working on before I'm actually
> finished and then go back to it, I want it to start keeping track
> of my time on the task where I left off when I start the program
> again. These aren't necessarily computer tasks I'm wanting to keep
> track of time on, though in some cases they might be, but I'd like
> my computer to act like a stopwatch/timer with me only having to
> start and pause or stop it instead of having to use a regular
> stopwatch.
> 2. Does anybody know if there is a console-based program that will
> allow me to set my computer to function as an alarm clock? Of
> course, I know I can find a sound file and set something up in
> cron, but I wondered if there is a program out there. I am using
> grandfatherclock and saytime with crontab to announce the time and
> play westminster chimes, but
> grandfatherclock doesn't have an alarm function per se--well, I
> don't think a grandfather clock would probably have an alarm
> anyway.
> Any info on either of these two items would be appreciated. am
> using debian unstable and did run apt-cache search and various
> words related to these ideas. Anything I found looked pretty much
> like it had to be used with X, with the one exception of the
> possibility of using "remind" for an alarm clock function.
> thanks.
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> Cheryl
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