E: On Line Banking (was "Disappointment")

Whitley CTR Cecil H WhitleyCH.ctr at cherrypoint.usmc.mil
Fri Jan 23 10:42:01 EST 2004

Hi Janina,

>1.)	A major U.S. Federal lawsuit was settled when the defendants,
>Bank of America, agreed to make their services accessible. Since then
>other banks have followed suit--though not as thoroughly, obviously.
>This stands to reason--only B of A is actually under scrutiny.
Unfortunately, this is a "settlement" not a court win.  No precident was
set.  Again, unfortunately, American Airlines won their first round in
federal court about their web site.  Depending on ADA for web accessability
isn't necessarily a winning stratedgy.  I haven't heard how the appeals are
going on the american airlines case.  

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