A topic of concern in Linux

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a slight clarification with perl you use what's called cgi I'd be happy to
pass along some good cgi examples and html forms examples.  The html form
code is where you as the user see the form.  PHP is more secure although
from a web serfer perspective I've had more trouble with php scripts not
working on my end.  Someone already posted php references on this list a
month ago so I won't do it again here.
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Hi Lorenzo,

On 20 Jan 2004 15:06:33  (my local time 21:06:33), you typed::
>> I don't know why everyone hates javascript so much. from a web
>> developer's point of view it's an extremely powerful tool.On Mon, Jan

LP> But I, for one, would be the first to argue that Perl and PHP are *much*
LP> powerful than Javascript for all web applications.

I have done some java scripting and also a little .asp. I'd like to
check into Php and possibly Perl before starting to argue with you. Is
there some good tutorial for Php and/or Perl with tons of examples of
code so that i understand what i do?

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