A topic of concern in Linux

Allan Shaw technews at sympatico.ca
Tue Jan 20 09:20:45 EST 2004

a simple answer,
a lack of penatration into the home and business markets.
When and if Linux ever becomes on par or a serious contender to the Windows 
home and business markets it will then become a target.
If I'm going to go to the trouble of attacking a system I'm going after the 
one with the greatest install base.
Its logistics.

... and don't worry, Linux will become a target at some point as its 
install base grows.

At 17:31 1/19/04, you wrote:
>Hi, all.
>As someone who has been a windows user for 5 or so years, it was only in 
>the last 2 or 3 years I have seen a gradual increase in
>companies who put the everdreaded spyware and adds on their sites. I have 
>watched helplessly as this business has grown steadilly,
>and frankly, I am worried that soon, Linux will be the next culpret as far 
>as privacy invation and spying. I know a lot of you on
>list have raved about how secure and better Linux is than Windows, and I 
>might agree with you, but my question is, how is it that
>Linux is not getting bombarded with all this excess trash such as cookies 
>that tracks people's movement on the internet? If you'd
>like, email me privately at: jesman598 at triad.rr.com with your responses, 
>as I do not wish to clog the list.
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