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Mon Jan 19 13:43:47 EST 2004

How do I run this fixmbr rpogram? I do not have my origional windows 2000

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Jinina, Your probably right, I assumed from his message that he wanted to
get rid of fedora completely but he was unsure how to get Windows to keep

If you run fixmbr you won't get the grub prompt as Jinina has said, it will
lode right into windows.

If you want to remove fedora, the way I do it is to use partition magic.
Its probably not the right way, but it does the job.  I just delete the
partitions and run fixmbr to make windows lode by default when the machine
boots.  There is a boot loder program supplied with partition magic but its
a waste of space in my opinion.

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> Your bootability depends on the boot loader, of course.
> Jared writes:
> > From: "Jared" <jared-stofflett at>
> >
> > I have a fedora install with grub as the boot loader. I also have
> > 2000 on my computer, but don't have the CD for it. How do I remove
> > with out a total format, and still have a bootable system? Appreciate
> > help.
> >
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