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Well, not quite, Darragh. But then, I'm not sure what "get rid of"

Doles this person actually want the hard drive space that is now given
over to Fedora to be made available to Win?

Your advice will make it possible to boot Win and nothing else.

If the actual problem is that Win can't be booted, then it's a problem
of understanding and configuration with the extant boot loader--not the
best choice, imho, for the eyes-free user just now.

Darragh writes:
> From: "Darragh" <lists at>
> Find a program called fixmbr for windows 2000.  Run it when you get rid of
> fedora and that'll fix your mbr.  Your system should boot right after that.
> Darragh
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> > I have a fedora install with grub as the boot loader. I also have windows
> > 2000 on my computer, but don't have the CD for it. How do I remove fedora
> > with out a total format, and still have a bootable system? Appreciate any
> > help.
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