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On 01/19/04 12:30 AM -0700, Steve Holmes wrote:
> This sounds very interesting.  I'm finding web based application
> programming to be rather fascenating so the idea of a "mini server"
> interests me indeed.  Is this an indipendently available
> deal or is that exclusively a part of webmin? Webmin isn't distro
> specific, is it?

I don't believe the server is available as a separate package, but
webmin is gpl'd so you can play with the server part if you wish. No
webmin is not distro specific, I have used it on Slackware and Debian
and I know some people in my LUG are using it on Redhat and Fedora. It
is tailored to each distro so that instead of linking all your configs
to some non-standard location Webmin will edit them in their default
location. If you've ever used swat to configure samba that is what
webmin most reminds me of.

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