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Hi, Deedra:

As far as I know, the only non X86 which is actively used with Speakup
is my Alpha--and it works like a charm using an internal Doubletalk. I
would note that I don't have a monitor or any graphics card/chip in this
Alpha--which makes the situation even sweeter.

It is my hope to build a system based on the AMD Opteron this year--but
I haven't bought anything for that yet.

Deedra Waters writes:
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> Hi guys,this question should probably go to kirk specifically, but I figure I'll put the question out here anyway.
> I'm curious as to whether speakupworks on other arches besides x86. Mainly ppc, sparc,
>           and amd64
> 	  I guess the other question, is whether it's been tested. Right now, gentoo's current goal is to try and get speakup into the current x86 version of gentoo (gentoo 2004) which is due to be released probably with in the next month or two. However, seemant (one of the main g entoo project leads would like to include speakup in other arches besides x86, mainly ppc, sparc,
> 	            and amd64. 
> 		    I've offered to do the testing for this, and may be able to get  ahold of a sparc machine soon to test at least that portion of it But, I'd like to know if speakup even works with any of theese arches before I start any of the testing.
> 		    Thanks!
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