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Kenny Hitt kenny at
Sun Jan 18 10:29:11 EST 2004

Hi.  Spamassassin is the best thing I know of to stop the problem.  It
catches almost all of them and puts them into an almost-certainly-spam
mailbox to be checked later.  The only false positives I've had were
from ATT wireless.  I just added their domain to the whitelist and
problem solved.  I wish I didn't get them either, but spamassassin does
keep them out of my inbox.
I'm not sure how you handle mail, but making your MTA really picky helps
keep some of them out as well.  In exim, options like sender_try_verify
and receiver_verify stop some of them from beeing delivered.

Hope this helps.

On Sun, Jan 18, 2004 at 06:26:35AM -0600, Cheryl Homiak wrote:
> Can anybody tell me if there's a way to get rid of these stupid emails
> about viagra, sex, how to get drugs online without a prescription, and
> other horrible and/or stupid stuff. I know there's spamassassin, but since
> the emails come with different subject headings, often innocent or
> important-looking ones, and they're always purportedly from different
> people, I don't know how to get rid of them. I never knowingly did
> anything to solicit such stuff, and email used to be a complete pleasure,
> but sometime this summer this kind of junk started becoming prevalent. Of
> course, I usually can avoid reading it; if it tells me to pick up my order
> for instance and i don't have an order to be picked up I delete it, and if
> it's supposedly to me but the index in pine doesn't give a name or email I
> know I delete it. but really, I don't even want the stuff coming here.
> Thanks for any suggestions. I'm really frustrated!!!
> -- 
> Cheryl
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