Restoring grub

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Interesting. So, the scroll is tied to the speech?

However, the way I work, I usually keep a few links in mind and don't
decide which one i want until I've heard more than one. Of course, this
has its limits. I can't remember more than a handful. But, I can also
search for the number, as well as typing the number in the "goto"

Glenn Ervin at Home writes:
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> I guess that with winblows, one could just listen to a page as it opens, and
> if you hear the link that you want, you can press the control key and you
> will either be on the link, or a line or two past it.
> Ready to just press enter on the link.
> Glenn.
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> I don't follow. When the web page is retrieved, it's read to me. So, I
> just listen. Each hyper link is numbered sequentially. My browser simply
> inserts the number. So, I know that the first time I hear it say "one,"
> the next word (or words) are a link. And, I know that the next hyperlink
> I hear will be number two, and so on through the page.
> I don't have to go find, though I certainly can if I want. All I really
> need to do is listen.
> Garrett Klein writes:
> >
> > What I meant was that you have to find the result you want in order to
> > know the link number for it.
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