(off topics) jaws scripts for terraterm

Sergey Fleytin fleytin at mail.ru
Sat Jan 17 10:03:41 EST 2004

Hi, all!

Thanks to all who responded to my question concerning jaws scripts for
terraterm. I found them on www.jfwlite.com.

With best wishes,

>>>>> "AS" == Alex Snow <alex_snow at gmx.net> writes:

AS> You may want to look on teddy.fcc.ro. If you cant find them I can
AS> zip them up and send them along. On Sat, Jan 17, 2004 at
AS> 03:28:45PM +0300,
AS> Sergey Fleytin wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Sorry for this off topics postings, but someone on this list
>> mentioned jaws scripts for terraterm. I made a google search for
>> those scripts, but could not find anything. So if anyone can give
>> me a directions to go or send those scripts to me, it will be
>> highly appreciated.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Sergey.
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