progress, sort of *long*

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Thu Jan 15 19:30:13 EST 2004

I thought slackware 9.2 was the latest?

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Why did you get slackware 8, if slackware 9.1 is the latest version?


On Thu, Jan 15, 2004 at 03:47:45PM -0500, Kyrath wrote:
> Hi, I downloaded the slackware8 images and made the 2 floppies, and  I 
> have a null modem cable connecting my 2 pcs. After reading the info on 
> the site, I found that you are to type: ramdisk 
> console=ttyS0 at the prompt, right after the boot floppy stops and 
> press <enter> to force output to the serial port. Well... it actually 
> worked!  However, the target pc seems to have locked up at the point 
> where it asks for the route disk. I did see something about the 
> slackware boot potentially causing some problems with the keyboard on 
> pentium machines, or something like that.  So I need to look into this 
> issue.
> The only thing I'm wondering about is the terminal client.  I used the 
> hyperterminal included with WinXP.  Basically, I needed to use the 
> jaws cursor to read the output, but I also have some sight and used 
> zoomtext to verify what jaws was reading and making sure I read 
> everything.  Is there a better term client to use with JFW and WinXP? 
> Also, any suggestions or comments regarding my keyboard issue would be 
> appreciated. BTW, it looks like the bootup sequence didn't recognize 
> any of my PCI cards.  However, the mouse, hard drive, floppy, and cd 
> rom appear to have been detected correctly.
> -- Rob
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