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Wed Jan 14 14:54:21 EST 2004

Ok, this message answers the question of whether partitions need to be set
before installation of linux, or whether there needs to be some kind of OS
on the disk to begin with.

Now, what distro would be recommended for the first try at linux.  I'm
dealing with a P-II, 266 MHz, and a 4-4.5 GB hard drive.

Will the *linux text console=ttyS0* work on distributions other than red
hat?  From what I was able to discern, the speakup modified version of red
hat requires a 5 GB hard drive.

Thanks for all of the good info
-- Rob
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> Hi, in the long run it doesn't matter if there is an operating system on
> computer you are installing Linux to.
> You can use options in the Linux setup to remove Window's/dos partitions,
> and create new ones if you need to. Which since you have never had Linux
> the computer you'll need to do that anyway to get rid of a Window's fat
> system if that is what you had on it last.
> Obviously, the one you are going to use to read the install with will need
> screen reader of some kind, a terminal application, and at least dos or
> window's.
> If you are planning on using Fedora you'll want to read the Fedora
> installation howto on the speakup web site. The only difference is that
> you'll be doing it remotely via a serial connection rather than directly
> using speakup.
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> > Is this method assuming there is no operating system on the pc that will
> > contain speakup or that something is installed?
> > Sean
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