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Is this method assuming there is no operating system on the pc that will
contain speakup or that something is installed?
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> Hi, what you want to do is totally possible. The method I will explain
> is one I have used to install several versions of Red hat, and I am going
> assume Fedora supports this method as well.
> System requirements: two computers, two nine pin female to 25 pin male
> serial cables, a 25 pin to 25 pin female to female null modem, and a 25
> male to 25 pin female serial gender adapter, and either a dos or Window's
> terminal software such as terraterm pro or commo.
> I'm assuming you are using MS window's on a system so you will want to
> download a free copy of terraterm pro and the Jaws scripts or Window Eyes
> set files for terraterm.
> Now, link all the cables, null modem, and adapter together, and  plug each
> end into com 1 on each computer.
> Load your screen reader, install any sets or scripts that are needed, and
> launch terraterm pro, and tell it to terminal to com1.
> If your booting from cdrom insert your cd in the drive, start the
> and you will here it spin up. Enter this command from the computer where
> are installing Linux and not the one with the terminal software:
> linux text console=ttyS0
> Then, press enter.
> If booting from floppy you will here two or three cranks  of the floppy,
> which point you enter the command from the installation computer:
> linux text console=ttyS0
> After some time Jaws/Window Eyes should begin announcing text on the
> and reading the installation to you.
> At this point you go to the computer with the terraterm on it, and
> the installation with some speech.
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