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Chris Anderson chris at magnacarta.co.za
Mon Jan 12 03:00:19 EST 2004

I have recently installed Talks on a Nokia 3650. It works well but is protected
commercial software. Not aware of the pricing in the US but for us  in SA it
is expensive.

Things to Know. 

1. you need to download the (free) Nokia PC Suite (3650_PCSuite.exe)
software for interfacing with the
3650. Note: you cannot use a serial port cable for the interface, you have
to use Infrared or
Bluetooth. Preferably Infra Red. We wasted a lot of time on this, and
eventually had to borrow a
laptop with IR facilities. The fact that the serial cable is not an option
is hidden as a oneliner in the readme
of the somewhat sparse documentation. It appears on the menus, but just does
not work.

2. You need two files for Talks, Talks60.sis and ScansoftTTS.sis.

3. The recommendation is to load the two programs into the external memory card.

4. Once IR communiction has been established, via the 3650 Connections menu,
you start the PC Suite     
and take the option in Tools to "Install" the two sis files. Scansoft first.
This is the Eloquence voice
in 1.6M. Then Talks60. 

5. On the 3650 main setup menu select the language as English (default is
Auto). The Nokia will reboot
and start talking.

6. Your registration number (based on the internal serial of the 3650 -
which is barcoded on the packaging box) 
must now be inserted into the new Talks setup menu. Our number
had uppercase in it and with the circular 3650 keyboard and non-intuitive
upper/lowercase switching
was something of a mission. It took me about ten tries to get it right. 

In my opinion this whole process requires sighted assistance.

The results are good. Eloquence is crystal clear and all the menu functions
including SMS are
available and automatically start when you switch on. Very cute.

Bottom line. Good product.

I suppose it is a matter of time before some bright spark converts Festival
or mBrola as PAD type code.
I still want to know how they got Eloquence into 1.6M.
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