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Steve Holmes steve at holmesgrown.com
Sat Jan 10 00:03:09 EST 2004

I think at the moment, I would stick with your current provider and go
with a Nokia 3650 or some such; I understand that is capable of
running the Mobility Accessibility software.  At least that's
available right now where some of these CDMA solutions are still a
ways off.

On Fri, Jan 09, 2004 at 01:57:17PM -0600, William Hubbs wrote:
> Hi all,
> First, I realize this is off topic, so if you would prefer to, feel free to write to me personally at w.hubbs at comcast.net in stead of on the list.
> My current cell phone provider is Cingular Wireless (gsm), and my phone is a Nokia 5165.  My contract is running out next month, so I have the option to get a new phone and stay with Cingular or change providers if I need to.  Because of me living in the d/fw area, most of the big carriers are available around here.
> What I am looking for is opinions about mobile accessibility, talkx, and any other options out there for a more accessible cell phone.
> I know that at least sprint, verison, cingular, att wireless and tmobile are available here.
> Any information would be appreciated.
> Thanks Much,
> William
> w.hubbs at comcast.net
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