Tracy Son sonkt at
Fri Jan 9 01:24:16 EST 2004

I have a question about some of the documentation that comes with the redhat
Are there help files for most of the programs that come in a particular
install of linux packages such as redhat?
Mostly I am concerned about documentations for the fetchmale program and the
web browser.
I know some of the how toos found on the page whair all the how toos are
found, can some times be overwhelming to read and alot of the how too's some
times assume you know sumthing about the system your working with and it
basicly leaves me in the dark when reading through them.

I know some time back on the acb radio sight, a gentleman by the name of Mat
Campbell did a seerys on a look at linux and listening to his demonstrations
was a pleasure and I was able to understand them for the most part, with no
I think it would help if some one would do a cassette tape course on some of
these releases of linux.
How to install and how to configure male and some of the admenestrative
stuff in plane language whair the begginer could understand what was going
I hope that some of the documentation that comes with redhat is easyer to
get through than some of these how toos.
Tracy Son.

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