network card setup crashes hard

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Thu Jan 8 13:46:38 EST 2004

You might be having some sort of irq conflict...Try enabling PCI irq
sharing in your kernel...I forget exactly what the line is in .config for
this, but I know I have this in my kernel and it actually works quite well.
I have a Linksys nic and an Sblive card all happily sharing irq's. Do you
have another box to try the nic on to make sure its not a problem with your

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From: Ralph W. Reid rreid at
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2004 04:09:34 -0800
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Subject: network card setup crashes hard

I am trying to get a PCI NIC running in my old Pentium-133, and so far
the project is not going too well.  The card is made by Hawkins (I
think), and the chip set is the Realtek 8139 spider set.  Linux finds
the chip set via the 8139too module, but an error in syslog indicates
that no IRQ could be generated, and that I should use `pci=biosirq'.
When I include `pci=biosirq' on the line at the boot prompt, the boot
process starts okay, except that I can not mute my speech synthesizer.
When the boot process reaches the point where the kernel tries to
detect PCI devices, a general protection fault occurs, and the whole
system comes to a stop after the register and stack info produced by
the crash is spoken.  I really do need to get some kind of respectable
NIC working in this system soon, so any helpful suggestions would be

Here is the basic info on my system:
Pentium CPU running at 133 MHz
8 GB hard drive with enough space left on it to handle this task
Accent PC speech synthesizer on the ISA bus
VGA card on the ISA bus
33.6 Kbps MODEM on the ISA bus
some sort of PNP sound card on the ISA bus (run by ALSA)
3.5 inch floppy
14 inch VGA monitor
101 key keyboard
Slackware 9.0
2.4.20 kernel with Speakup as produced by Slackware

So far, I have not been able to get `ifconfig' to access the new NIC
to create eth0.  I was hoping to get a newer computer later this year,
but right now is not a good time for me to make that kind of purchase.
So, any helpful suggestions would be very much appreciated.  Thanks,
and have a _great_ day!

Ralph.  N6BNO.  Wisdom comes from central processing, not from I/O.
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