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Tue Jan 6 04:20:03 EST 2004

Hello Jacob and others!

I am not sure if it will help you or not but i played a litle with
mozilla 1.5 under win98. To get it work with jaws one should press
'f7' key just after starting mozilla. You also need to select a
"classical" theme. There were some other tricks but i can not recall
all of them at the moment.

With best wishes,


>>>>> "JS" == Jacob Schmude <jschmude at> writes:

JS> Hi I've posted this to gnome-accessibility several times and
JS> gotten no response whatsoever. Has anyone gotten mozilla to work?
JS> I've tried on 5 distros now (fedora, debian, slackware, rh9, and
JS> gentoo) with no success. Here's the problem. It speaks the menus
JS> and title bar fine. However, as soon as I start to tab or arrow
JS> through a web page, one of two things will happen. First, it'll
JS> either bomb out with no error messages, not even on the x status
JS> console, or it will simply say nothing. In the cases where it's
JS> saying nothing, I know I'm moving through links, since I can hit
JS> enter and it will take me to a different part of the sight, but
JS> that isn't the best way to surf. It never stays stable for long
JS> anyway, it'll either bomb out eventually or lock my computer up so
JS> bad that even a ctrl+alt+del won't reboot. I've tried this on
JS> other computers too with the same result, Yes, mozilla is compiled
JS> with gtk2 and yes, it has accessibility support in it. I even
JS> built it from source to see if that would help, that didn't change
JS> the situation. What am I missing here? Do I need to recompile some
JS> gnome libs? Maybe I need CVS gnome 2.6?

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