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I assume the guy had no more calls to get to that day? Must have been
pretty fun...Teaching the cable tech how to use gnome/kde.

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Here is where I taught my cable installer to use kde an gnome.  he had a
little fun with it at first but he got the hang of it eventually.

On Mon, 5
Jan 2004, Alex Snow wrote:

> also, the general technical knoledge of your isp's techs is usually
> the "I know where the control pannel is" type. they may know how to
> plug in a network card but that may be foggy at best.
> On Mon, Jan 05,
> 2004 at 06:27:56PM -0600, Cheryl Homiak wrote:
> > Hi chuck and all.
> > I use charter cable and have had no problems. In fact, when I tried to
> > switch to tds dsl, my actual download speeds were quite a bit slower
> > my cable connection.
> > In my case, the technician came and plugged the modem in and set up the
> > cable box. after that, dhcpcd did everything else. I'm not sure what
> > differences exist between different cable setups.
> > and I know what you mean about not going back to a dialup connection. I
> > help to maintain a friend's system; she is on dialup and upgrading and
> > downloading on her system drive me completely crazy. certainly better
> > no connection at all, but would be hard to live with after you've
> > experienced high speed, except as a backup for emmergencies or for use
> > when traveling on a laptop.
> > Let us know how it goes; I had absolutely no setup problems but others
> > have had more difficulties.
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