What version of Open Office is in Fedora

Jacob Schmude jschmude at adelphia.net
Mon Jan 5 17:36:29 EST 2004

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It's version 1.1, but Fedora left out all the java access bridge stuff. Even if you install the gnome java bridge, you're not gonna get a response from the 
openoffice distributed with fedora. I believe this was probably done due to the lack of sun's JRE in fedora, which makes sense from a technical and distribution 
standpoint: why include something that depends on non-included software? Blind users not having access, I think, was just an unfortunate side effect. You will 
need to download openoffice.org from the website and install it yourself.
I do wonder why fedora didn't get permission from SUN to distribute their j2sdk or JRE, so far slackware is the only distro I know of to include it... and if anyone 
has managed to get the openoffice in fedora to work with gnopernicus, please let us in on the secret.

On Mon, 5 Jan 2004 22:03:45 -0000, Darragh wrote:

>I'm not getting any response from Gnopernicus in Open office, any one know
>what version is used?

>I'd be also interested in any alterations you know of to make it more

Version: PGP SDK 3.0


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