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Hmmm. There's a listing of hardware ogg players on I believe.

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I have been toying with the idea that I would like to get myself a mp3 
player. Here are a few questions. FIrst I don't recall there being a 
means to communicate with a mp3 player other than I thik the Rio? In any 
case I really would prefer to not be limited to the mp3 format. So is 
there a hardware-based players that support the vorbis/ogg format as 
well as mp3? If so how does the unit communicate with Linux.
I found a player that apparently could support other formats, but from 
what I gather does not at this time and so was not to willing to buy the 
thing unless I knew for sure it could communicate with a LInux box and 
could and will support other formats. I found the thing on Computer 
Geeks site, and now can't recall its exact 
name. If you search you'll find that unit if your interested.


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