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Right now there is no set kernel that's got speakup configured. anotherwords, it's not like a debian kernel image that you can just install.

If you have portage set up/installed, you can do 'emerge /usr/portage/sys-kernel/gentoo-dev-sources/gentoo-dev-sources-2.6.0-r1.ebuild' to get the speakup patched gentoo development sources.

from here, you will have to configure and build the kernel from make menuconfig and up, or how ever you generally build kernels.

I'm hoping to get genkernel adapted to accept speakup soon, but I haven't gotten ahold of it's maintainer so far. That's my next project.:)

If you do not have portage installed, then you'll have to get your own kernel sources, and patch the kernel of your choice with speakup. Either way, it's kinda up to you here.

On Fri, 2 Jan 2004, Alex Snow wrote:

> Ok I'm at the kernel selection step of the install. which kernel do I 
> want to install? Is there a preconfigured one or will I have to 
> configure from scratch?

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