are motorola phones accessible?

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I do not consider products that we talk to, to be accessible, in of
If the device, regardless of what it is, does not give us verbal or tactual
feedback, then it is not accessible.
Usually when it takes verbal input, it takes sighted assistance to set it
I think that as far as being usable, the vast majority of devices can be
managed by touch, if there was the feedback to what we are controlling.
For some reason, the sighted think that our problems can be solved by
technology that allows one to talk to the device.

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I want to clarify something in your post about your MOtorola phone.

When you say it supports voice, do you mean:

a.) It understands me when I talk to it? Or, do you mean,

b.) It voices things that are on screen when I press buttons.

Karen Lewellen writes:
> From: Karen Lewellen <klewellen at>
> Hi Chris,
> new tot he list, and saw this, so
> as I have just gotten a Motorola wanted to add my opinion.
> Granted this depends on what you desire as to accessibility.
> However, thus far my Motorola v60 g, which is for gsm service, something
> more commonly used over seas,  is rather good.
> it includes voice programming allowing you to program in numbers and dial
> them via voice  , tty if desired, and
> a lot of other bells.
> it is also a flip phone, which can help with connection issues.
> again, I do not know what you need, and all needs are different, but
> the line may be worth considering, as it is still rather new.
> Hope this helps,
> Karen L
> On Thu, 1 Jan 2004, Steve Holmes wrote:
> > They're no better than the rest. <sigh>  I used to have an old
> > Motorola 630 (I believe) that wasn't bad with its shortcuts.  I could
> > assign two digit numbers to entries in a phonebook and I thought that
> > part worked pretty good.  It was an earlier modle that did not have as
> > many features as the current phones today.  It was only a dual band
> > and my switch to Verizon's America's Choice plan required me to move
> > up to a tri-band modle.
> >
> > On Thu, Jan 01, 2004 at 07:54:50PM -0500, cris wrote:
> > > What is the most accessible motorola cel phone?  I heard much about
> > > but not much is said about motorola which is one of the largest
> > > of cell phones for the international market.
> > > Cheers,
> > > Cris
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