question about Gnopernicus

Alex Snow alex_snow at
Fri Jan 2 08:58:34 EST 2004

gnopernicus isn't what you'd modify. the pkg you would need to work 
with is gnome-speach and possibly a little with gnopernicus.
On Fri, Jan 
02, 2004 at 11:53:20PM +1100, Shaun Oliver wrote:
> I think the problem there chuck is that that driver is at too lower
> level for gnopernicus to make any real use of. however, as I'm not a
> kernel hacker, or a hacker of any kind, saave the odd useless shell
> script, doesn't mean it's impossible.
> that's just my oppinion and I've probably got myself out of my deapth on
> this so I'll sit back and read on.
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