Booting CDs was: speakup and gentoo kernels

Steve Holmes steve at
Thu Jan 1 22:48:50 EST 2004

I've been playing with the boot manager most of the afternoon and yes,
I can boot CD's with it but I have to navigate the menu to find the
right boot image.  I guess it will be consistant for a given machine.
Don't know if it will work consistantly over other machines or not.  I
got it to boot for me on one box but was not successfull with another
older box.  Not even sure it picked up the CD on that one.  It is
interesting, none-the-less.

The btmgr package is what you can use to create boot disk images but I
don't currently see a way to alter it much.

On Thu, Jan 01, 2004 at 06:27:57PM -0500, Alex Snow wrote:
> Yeah that's the correct disk. sbootmgr.dsk.
> and I'm not sure what you do with the btmgr pkg in the extra directory 
> but I think it's the same software.
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