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I've cc'd this response to the GNOME Accessibility development list
because I think you make an outstanding case. I have had exactly the
same experience myself. I, too, am a musician and most interested in
GNOME accessibility for the purpose of doing music work with
applications like Beast Gmorgan, and Jack Rack.

I find that I can only run Gnopernicus for a minute or two before ESD (I think it's ESD)
crashes my system. The lockups are sometimes hard lockups that even
prevent me from switching consoles. My only salvation from a reboot is
to have an SSH session going from another machine. That way I can kill
the dozen or so processes GNOME is running in order to try again.

PS: Just restarting X with a Ctrl-Alt-Backspace doesn't do the trick.
Neither does issuing a telinit 3 followed by telinit 5 from the console.

Scott Berry writes:
> From: Scott Berry <scott at>
> I am wondering if Gnopernicus can be built with the Doubletalk installed.
> I am a musician and I am trying to work in Gnome with some recording apps
> but when I go to record I loose Festivals speech and therefore am lost.  I
> did look at the Gnopernicus site but didn't find the answer there.
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> Scott Berry
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